What makes us different?


Who are we?

We are a streetwear brand set out to find the most creative, unique, and open-minded people. We believe in going against societal norms and encourage people to think for themselves!  

What makes us different?

It's not the clothes that set us apart from other brands, it's the message behind what we stand for.

We are a culture; We are a brand that raises awareness; We are music; We are Subliminal Attire. It is a way of expressing our day to day lives through fashion. 

Why should you purchase our merchandise?

You're purchasing our product as a representation of unity and most importantly understand the message that we're trying to send to the world.

(Be your own person and think for yourself, and creating your own identity, everyone is equal and should be treated equal)


Code of ethics

Subliminal Attire's core value is committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity towards respecting others. We extend the same standards to all our customers, suppliers, and associates. We stand by the idea of  “ treat others how you would want to be treated ." Everyone is equal and should be treated equal.